Get the cobwebs out

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It’s the right time of the year to get the cobwebs out. With Autumn half way through, it’s a great opportunity to get rid of the old, and make in with the new. Refresh time.

The variety of treatments I like to offer and things that I love to have myself. These include

  • massage (and I have many options including, relaxing, therapeutic, pregnancy)
  • facials
  • foot massage
  • body scrubs
  • combination therapies

These days its hard to take the time to spoil ourselves, but massage is not spoiling ourselves, its a necessity in today’s world. We are mostly stressed out, tired, drained, and nothing could be better than to take out an hour of your life and do something for you.

To book just text or call me on 0418 499 611.

Trisha 🙂