A bit chilly . . . . . . . .

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Head to Suffolk and enjoy warmth . . . . . . .

With these chilly days don’t hesitate to have a massage, facial or body treatment as I have all bases covered.  The oil heater is on and so is the amazing table blanket to keep you cosey and relaxed.  You could also choose a Hot Stone Massage which is a 90 minute session and you’ll be warmer still.  At present this modality is on offer for $80.00.
Hot Stone Massage treats relaxing and warming up tight muscles.  Hot stone therapy is a highly detoxifying type of massage. The stones themselves actually become the tools that you use, and the heat helps to relax the muscles and assimilate the circulation, allowing the toxins to come up to the surface of the skin. At the same time, I incorporate a Swedish massage technique, or you could also incorporate a Shiatsu Massage, and depending on those two, you can help to release the muscle even further, because of the heat.

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